My first memory of Labrador  was a yellow Labrador named Tommy, who was a gift to my grandfather from John Olin of Nilo kennel fame. I must have been around 9 years old spending the last two weeks with our large extended family in the fishing paradise of the fabled Causupscal river region of Quebec Canada. During that time I spent those two weeks trying to cultivate the affection of the Labrador, Tommy.  I remember the dog as being void of any emotion except his love of Trout, which he could eat whole. We fed him one after another and he never got full.  We were required to take afternoon naps and I spent that time teaching Tommy to sleep on my bed. He would just climb onto the bed to oblige me, but I think he never really liked it. What he loved was the routine of the camp and the independence he had and of course the Trout. So I would say that while I loved Tommy he only loved trout.

When I was 16 we moved back to Conneticut and our next door neighbor was the rumored daughter of Marion Davies  and William Randolph Hearst . Though I am not sure what the truth was Mary Grace Curley had a pack of beautiful Labradors. I use to drink scotch straight up with the dogs lying all around us and hear her regale her childhood at San Simeon. My first Labrador, Champion Tipperary Mary , came from those afternoon meetings.

bob_wheleThe Pointers
When I think of the fine hunting dogs and the days enjoyed in the field,. how lucky my kids and brothers and sister  and their kids were to enjoy  the dogs that came into our lives because of Robert  Wehle and his Elhew Pointers. A day hunting would consist of gunning over incredible dogs, a  brace in the morning Champion Elhew Goldielocks backed by Champion Elhew Explorer. The afternoon Elhew Distinction and Elhew Sea Wolf would tear it up one point after another.  The kids grew up thinking this was the way everyone hunted. Not until years later did they realize what they had been part of. In their minds this was how everyone hunted. I hope by owning one of our dogs you will enjoy what we have been able to experience by the side of an Elhew Pointer.